Thursday, July 30, 2015


~ capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~


We finally filled in the flower bed next to our front porch and the best part is that I can see these pretty blooms whenever I look out our living room bay window.


This chubby, smiley boy is such a gift from God and, with his dark hair, olive skin and pleasant disposition, he reminds me so much of my mom.


I finally conformed to society and upgraded to a smart phone! (That's my old phone on the right.) I am now the third owner of this fancy iPhone 4 and I must admit that I love it! ;)


Crayon on the floor and it took me almost a week to care enough to wash it off!


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Vacation Memories

We vacation each year on a peaceful island off the coast with my dad and one of my sisters just an hour from the town where I grew up. Although the ocean is only five miles from my parent's house, there is nothing quite like having it mere steps away from your front door and, since we need not travel far to have that luxury, we don't!

Some of my favorite moments:

~ My boys having a blast swimming and playing in the sandbar.
~ Short and spontaneous 'dates' for lunch, coffee or just a walk with my husband. (With three little ones we have to do whatever works!)
~ Enjoying the company of friends and family who visited. (Another perk to vacationing near home!)
~ Lots of girl time to chit-chat with my sister.
~ Afternoon walks to the coffee shop for iced chai teas.
~ Watching my boys with their ear-to-ear smiles as they enjoyed the rides!
~ One-on-one time with my middle guy, coloring on the front porch.
~ Playing Red Light, Green Light while watching the sunset over the bay.
~ Eating ice cream sundaes every night.
~Soaking up my oldest boy's anticipation for his walk to the market for a newspaper each morning with Grandpa.
~ Treating our boys to their first taste of cotton candy!
~ Walking to the used book store with just my husband while all three boys napped and picking out new books to read together.
~ Window shopping and gathering crafty inspiration at the cute little shops with my sister.
~ Gazing at all the beautiful homes and daydreaming about owning one someday.
~ Walking to the candy shop so the boys could pick out six pieces of salt water candy each. They even got their own little paper bags to put it in. :)
~ Lazily browsing through magazines on the beach with my sister while the boys napped.

Of course, being the homebody that I am, the longer we were away, the more attractive our cozy little house became so that it was quite the sweet reunion when we pulled up our driveway at the end of the week. Some of my favorite things to return to included our king-size, memory foam bed (I've become a bit spoiled), my big, cozy tea mug, my convenient gas stove, my beloved sewing machine, and my sweet little Pippa.


Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home;
- John Howard Payne

Friday, July 24, 2015

Sweet Summer Memories: Week Five

With lots of housework to catch up on after being away and my husband working late this week, I was glad that our Summer Bucket List forced me to be deliberate about setting time aside to enjoy the warm weather with my boys and do some simple activities together.

This week:

We played 'Red Light, Green Light.' They didn't completely grasp the concept but we had fun and that's all that matters.

We made Orange Julius for breakfast. This was one of my mom's recipes so I take advantage of any excuse to talk about 'Grandma' with my boys. It was such a refreshing

We doodled with crayons and stickers on the driveway. Sometimes it's just relaxing to grab a brand new box of crayons and a big roll of white paper and color. We were at this table for at least thirty minutes - that's a really long time for my little boys!


~ sweet summer memories I never want to forget ~